Welcome to the San In Beach Party!

Friday 2nd July - Sunday 4th


All good things must come to an end and the San In Beach Party is no exception.  This will be the 10th and FINAL event.  For the final event we will try to re-create the sights & sounds of the 2004 event: the year that marked the end of the San In Beach Party being a regional event into becoming a national event.  You'll be delighted to know that the ticket price also reflects this trip back in time. 

The San In Beach Party is located on a superb bay overlooking the Sea of Japan. For one weekend a year the entire beach is turned into a non-stop party. 

Advance Tickets: 3000 yen

Door Tickets: 4000 yen

Advance Tickets on sale from Monday 31st May

Tickets allow you multiple entry and exit.

See the Tickets page for more information on how to get yours!

Rooms available: see the Accommodation page for more information.

We can announce that the weekend World Cup football games will be screened at the San In Beach Party.

Please take special note of the following information:

1. The continuation of this successful event relies upon the goodwill of the landowner and the cooperation of the thousand-plus guests upon his land. The landowner has stressed that ALL garbage must be taken away as he has no garbage collection at the site. Our Main Garbage Station will be situated at the side of the Beach Bar. PLEASE USE the station properly and be sure to SEPARATE burnable and unburnable into different bags. Make sure that any garbage you bring to the event site, is taken back out with you.

2. No illegal parking. Follow the advice of our parking staff. The police will tow your vehicle away immediately if parked on unauthorised land or property.

3. The event management hold the right to refuse entry to any guest deemed to be causing trouble at the venue, or in or around areas close to the venue. Guests suspected of making a disturbance in the village or the village hotels at night may also face eviction from the hotel and refused entry into the venue. In these instances, ticket and hotel payments and not refundable.

4.  There will be a entry policy regarding 'bring your own drinks' this year.  Please check the 'vendor' page for details.  Cooperation with this policy will be appreciated.

5. In accordance with the Law of Japan, ALL illegal substances are prohibited at the San In Beach Party. Anyone found or suspected of carrying illegal substances will be immediately removed from the venue (if the undercover don't get to you first!).

6. All guests MUST sign the personal liability form before entering the venue. Signing the liability form is a timely remainder for you to take care of yourself whilst on the beach, in the sun or in the sea. We have nurses on duty to take care of minor injuries like cuts & bruises. Please ask a member of staff should you need medical assistance.

Thanks for your cooperation.